Yoga Swing


Yoga Swing


Are you looking for yoga swing?

Then this is the one for you, Our yoga swing Crafted from high strength parachute material in no-stretch weave with vibrant colors and mild shimmer. Most suitable for inversion/trapeze exercise.


Versatile inversion tool, Let you hang from the hip, legs, practice yoga trapeze, headstand & handstand. Also, double up as a swing offering hours of joy & relaxation for kids and adults. Choose this yoga swing for versatility & space saving

Hang anywhere, Included extension straps means you can hang the swing anywhere that has exposed beams or tree branch. Bring your yoga swing indoor or out to the park

A gift of health and joy, whether using it for inversion therapy for spinal decompression or upper body strength building such as using it as a dip stand, the versatile acro yoga sling is sure to invigorate your health.

spiritual cultivation, Virtuous Yoga advocates a healthy attitude to life makes you naturally get rid of these bad habits of smoking and drinking by constantly better ourselves



  • Conditioning physiological balance: Yoga emphasizes physical system is a system composed of several parts so that each part of the state in order to maintain a good healthy body.
  • Yoga adjust the various organs through asana pranayama methods such physiological functions to achieve physical fitness purposes.
  • Elimination of inner calm tensions : Entirely through yoga breathing meditation and various asanas regulate the nervous system to eliminate tension.


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