Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


Monitoring your blood pressure on a regular basis is a good practice.  Irregular BP can start harming your body much before the symptoms even begin to appear.

Awareness about your body can save you from a lot of unwanted trouble. The  Wrist Mini Blood Pressure Monitor is a digital blood pressure monitor that keeps your BP in check. When you place the device on your hand, it accurately monitors your BP 24/7, and it can be used anytime and anywhere.

To switch to a healthy lifestyle, there is not much you need to do, simply purchase our wrist blood pressure monitor and forget everything else! The monitor silently checks your BP and ensures that your health is not compromised.  

The watch is slim and silently inflated, which means that you can comfortably wear it and check your BP. Now, forget about the big strappy machines and bring home the new blood pressure wrist band.

The  ‘Home blood pressure monitor’ features a compact design and can detect arrhythmia or the rhythm of your heartbeat within a few minutes and give the results.

Another interesting characteristic about the watch is that you can make multiple profiles on it, which means that one watch can be used by all the family members to keep their BP in check!

You could even get the average of your last three readings for your reference.

How does one use the Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor?     

All you need to do to measure your blood pressure is, sit comfortably on a chair and ensure that there is no fabric around your hand. Now, wear the watch around your wrist and ensure that the device faces the inner side of your inner hand; this is because your pulse is the strongest here. To get accurate readings, place your arm on the armrest, raise it slightly and hold the position for 5 minutes.

While you are seated, the sensor measures your pulse, and the reading can be seen on the monitor.

Since the watch can accommodate multiple profiles, choose your profile and get started with the machine when you want to check! We also recommend that you take 2-3 readings to be sure about the results!

You could also record your readings and impress your doctor, the next time you see him.

Characteristics of the Blood Pressure Monitor!

– The BP monitor is made with German design engineering combined with avant-garde technology to ensure the safety of your health.

– The sphygmomanometer scans your pulse by the process called an oscillometric method.

– The chip is an imported one, and the sensors of the display are highly accurate. Additionally, the digital LCD panel makes it simple to check the readings.

– The device can be charged using a USB and has a long service life.

Some brilliant features of the  Blood Pressure Monitor:

– The push of a button can operate the Wrist BP monitor.

– It quickly measures pulse rate and BP.

– It gives the average of your last three readings.

– The device gives out a signal when it catches an irregular heartbeat.

– It has a large LCD that makes it easier to read the results.

– It has both High and Low pulse rate indicators.


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