Woof Basket


Woof Basket

We know you love doggos. We also know you love home decor products that not only make your abode look luxurious but also serve other purposes, like storing your keys or your phone. So we decided to bring you a product that combines the practicality of a key storage basket with the luxe look of a high-quality dog sculpture made from the highest quality resin material.

Woof Basket is a perfect product for those who love dogs and are also in the know when it comes to home decor trends. The modern angular design and attention to detail that goes into manufacturing every unit of Woof cart make it an ideal choice when it comes to home decor options with a utility.

The Funky handpainted Woof cart, can be used as storage box to store your keys, tv remote or phone and can also be used as a napkin dispenser. So next time you leave your home, the uber-cool resin doggo will attract your attention(with its sharp features and hand-painted colors) and will remind you to take your keys. 


  • Highly Durable.
  • Handmade to perfection.
  • Hand painted with attention to details.
  • Fits almost any tabletop or fireplace.
  • Modern angular and sharp design.
  • Made from highest quality resin.
  • Best decor product to remind you to take keys.
  • Storage bin for holding handheld objects.
  • Add on napkin dispenser option.



  • The limited 50% OFF Offer is back on account of our customer overwhelming requests.Offer valid while stocks last!


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