Wood Graining Tool


Wood Graining Tool


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In need of solid wood on a budget? Create a faux wood grain on nearly any surface with this Wood Graining Tool Paint Brush. From metal doors to kitchen cabinets, once you master the technique of wood graining, the possibilities are endless in making wood paint design.

Wood graining is a faux finishing technique that can transform nearly any surface into the warm, rich beauty of the wood.

It’s the secret of Professional making Wood Grain Pattern. This wood grain effect tool is easy to use and you can do it yourself!


  • Made of high-quality rubber.
  • The perfect tool for wall decor paintings.
  • Very easy to use and carry.
  • Show vivid woodgrain effects, multiple grain pattern.
  • The package came with 3 inches and 6 inches graining tool.
  • Soft, comfortable non-slip grip.

How to use:

  • Apply the first color, let dry.
  • Apply the second color.
  • While still wet, slide along wood grain tool then create the effect.


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