Self-watering Glass Bulbs For Plants

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Self-watering Glass Bulbs For Plants

$99.99 $59.99


Hardworking Little Assistants For Your Garden

Have plants that need their soil to be kept consistently moist? These self-watering glass bulbs work hard to take care of them so that you don’t always have to.

Designed to keep the soil moisture content of your plants constant, the automatic watering will deliver a steady trickle of water into the soil. This means no more messy overflowing drainage trays or waterlogged plants. And yay, no more having to remember to water your delicate potted beauties daily. Going away for the weekend? These self-watering bulbs will do the work for you!


  • WORKS GREAT FOR DELICATE PLANTS: these self-watering stakes will  keep the soil consistently moist for your sensitive plants
  • NO MORE OVER/UNDERWATERING: you don’t ever have to deal with overflowing drainage trays or waterlogged plants ever again as the plant watering bulbs deliver a steady trickle of water
  • ADORABLE BIRD DESIGN: little birds and your potted beauties – can there be a more delightful combination?  
    – Use a knife or pencil to make a hole in the soil first before inserting the watering stake. Forcefully pushing the glass stem into the soil may cause it to break or clog up. 
    – Debris can build up easily in the stem, or mold and algae may grow inside over time. Please clean the self-watering stake with a narrow pipe cleaner every now and then.


  • Material: high borosilicate glass 
  • Dimensions: (height) 10.23 x (width) 4.13 inches


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