Rotating Gyroscope Kinetic Fidget Desk Toy

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Rotating Gyroscope Kinetic Fidget Desk Toy


  • 55mm
  • Product Size :Product with 2 sizes:45mmx41mm /1.77 inch Dia x1.61inch height ; Net weight:110g;55mmx50mm/2.16 inch Dia.x2inch height, Net weight:195g Gold,Silver.Black,Blue,Rose,5 colors in available it is a perfect size to carry and a wonderful toy for you in hand to relieve your fidget, anxiety and quit your bad habits wherever you are. Also it is a suitable kinetic desk toy for both adults and children.
  • Product Material :The decompression ball also called transfer gyro, made of durable aluminum, is strong and durable. No matter how you treat it, even if you accidentally fall to the ground, it is still intact and not easy to break.
  • Product Feature :The ball with spiral on the surface and the Silicone pad at the botton to avoid to slip, and the whole producet can be detachable. Spiral lines increase the feelling ,and the detachable increase the item interesting. Whether you are tired of work or study, just turn the ball easily, you can release the pressure of the day and let you have a rest.
  • Product Decoration: Our visual illusion ball not just have a relieve feature is still a nice ornament. Putting it on your office desk or bedroom desk even shelves. Generally it is also a good choice to send it to your friends as a gift.
  • After Selling Service: Anytime you have any problem with our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. 90-Day money back guarantee or exchange .We promise to provide you with satisfactory service.


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