Reusable Fly Trap

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Reusable Fly Trap

$79.99 $39.99



Flies – irritating, itchy and inevitable. They are a shared, mutual issue that all animal owners have to put up with every year. We ask you again, are you prepared?



Perfect for luring flies in and trapping them. The flies enter from the bottom to feed on the bait in the bowl. Once inside the trap, the flies are not able to figure out how to get out and thus are stuck. Better yet, this attracts even more flies and as a result your reusable fly trap gets filled to the brim.



The convenience and crafty trapmanship of this fly net will never cease to amaze you at doing what this incredibly designed fly trap was made to do. It’s perfect for the home, farm, garden, patio, public restroom, while camping, in the barn, and much more!




ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS – Go out without the annoyance of flies and other flying insects. Our Reusable Fly Trap lures flies to an early demise without the use of harsh chemicals or noisy, messy electronic bug zappers.



EASY TO USE – Simply hang the trap in your yard and let it attract flies with natural attractants that you supply. Simply add fruits, baitfish or other delicacies that flies can’t resist to the bait pot and let nature run its’ course.


KID AND ANIMAL-FRIENDLY – This fly control is safe to use around the home, outside of restaurants and in livestock barns. Because you use natural bait, you and your family are free from exposure to chemical fly repellents.



DURABLE – Lightweight, weather-resistant wire and plastic mesh, our ranch fly trap can be used outdoors in all types of climates. Your flycatcher ships flat and hangs from a hook or another fastener that you supply.



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