Premium Upright Rollator Standup Upwalker Lite With Seat For Seniors


Premium Upright Rollator Standup Upwalker Lite With Seat For Seniors


Premium Upright Rollator Standup Upwalker Lite With Seat For Seniors

Maybe you’ve noticed that your loved one is having to hold onto furniture or the walls while walking around the home. Or worse, they had a recent fall. We have the solution
Introducing our new uplwalker lite. Our upright walker is designed to help senior citizens walk comfortably with ease. The upwalker’s unique folding design allows you to adjust the width of the rollator. It permits you to navigate narrow spaces. The front wheels can be easily folded, and the rear legs removed, allowing you put your stand up walker in the travel case, a car trunk or cabinet.

The 10-inch front wheels of this upright walker provide better stability and security when you rolling on the rollator uneven surfaces. Compared with an upright rollator with 8-inch wheels, our product can better accommodate rough or soft ground such as lawn, sand, forest, etc. The two-size wheel system is much easier to push over any surface, including floors and carpets.
No need to struggle with a narrow seat. Our 17.7 x 9.8-inch seat of the upwalker provides more space. 

With the support of a thickened, soft and strong back belt, you can relax in comfort. We use an advanced painting craft technique on the surface of the frame of this stand up straight walker, which results in a fancy-bicycle appearance. The 1.5mm series 7 aluminium frame provides to a 300 lbs weight capacity.

 The stand-up walkers are perfect for seniors who struggle with walking issues. Ergonomic handles are part of an easy-to-use braking system that can be locked when you do not want the walker to roll. The upright walker also comes with a seat for ease. Our upright walker is approved highest medical standards which are great recognition for our safety and quality. We are confident our product won’t let you down

Large Storage Bag: Walker Walker bag is constructed with durable nylon material, The main compartment comes with a complete zipper, it provides a safe and private space.
All-Terrain Wheels: Big wheels make big difference,10” wheels for great passing ability, help you lightly going through some rugged surface like a stone road, boardwalk, lawn.
Compact Size to Anywhere: When you go outside, it can be easy to put it in your trunk, you could take it to the supermarket, park or restaurant. Good ideal for both inside and outside.

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
Product Weight: 20.9 lbs.
Product Dim (L x W x H): 27.1″ x7.9″~25.9″ x 31″-36.7″
Product Dim-Folding (L x W x H): 22.8″ x11″ x 10.2″
Package Dim: 24.4″ x 14.9″ x 11.8″
Package Contents:
1x Premium Upright Rollator     

6 reviews for Premium Upright Rollator Standup Upwalker Lite With Seat For Seniors

  1. sagarshaw243

    It makes me stand upright to walk which really takes a lot of pressure off of my back. Its easy to sit on and standup. Brakes are easy to lock and are steady. Maneuverability is good. It rolls easy even over door thresholds and on carpet. It really makes getting around easier. Currently there is no place to put a drink and it could use a hook of some sort to hang bags on. The carry bag that came with it is too cumbersome to use. There is no way to shorten the walker when putting it in the car so you either need to be able to lay down the back seats or use a van.. If you are a large man like me the armrests squeeze the shoulders when sitting on the seat. Overall, I really like the walker and would buy the same type again and would recommend it to my friend or anyone who would need a walker.

  2. sagarshaw243

    Walker finally arrived yesterday. Assembly was intuitive with the pictures displaying the information needed and with some parts were letter coded where necessary making assembly easy. It took me 1/2 hour to assemble but I am a 77 year old man with arthritic hands. No tools were needed and 1 person can assemble.
    This walker is not an assemble and go as usual. You need to make adjustments to get the walker right for you then you are ready to go. This walker forces you to stand up straight and is very stable. The back wheels are wider than the front wheels, make sure you measure your doors. The product is as advertised and I give it a 5 ….. Delivery is a 2 however the Gold Kernal people were very helpful in locating the package and getting it delivered.

  3. sagarshaw243

    My husband will be using this walker with hesitant, it makes the most sense for him. I ordered this for a larger weight (400lbs) capacity. It’s very sturdy, the wheels move easily, doorways are no problem. I like the fact the seat is large and sturdy, with a back brace. It also has a nice size carry bag attached to the bottom with a zipper, if he wants to place a sweater there. I’m able to fold this by lifting the seat handle and place it in the trunk or back seat of my Fusion. The color is a Maroon/Burgundy. We’re very pleased, and the price was right! Thank you!

  4. sagarshaw243

    My husband isn’t hunched over like with regular walker. Standing tall. I think this will help his posture and back ache. He loves it. He’s planning on going outside for walks since he feels more secure. His O2 fits in the bag for easier carrying.

  5. sagarshaw243

    Seems to be very good quality, everything assembled fairly easily. However, the assembly instructions had pictures of the assembly steps that were very hard to see details of assembly.

    The cover of the assembly had a drawing of the assembled upright stroller that was very useful. I suggest that you replace all of the assembly pictures with drawings of each assembly step.

    I had to return because it was too wide to pass through a standard 32 inch door, but my brother and mother both liked it and would have kept it if it was just 1 inch smaller in width.

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