Infant Playmat Baby Jungle Gym Play Activity Mat


Infant Playmat Baby Jungle Gym Play Activity Mat


Infant Playmat Baby Jungle Gym Play Activity Mat

Introducing our playmat for the baby. This baby gym is designed especially to support newborn development. The baby play gym comes with 18 developmental activities and interactive toys, it encourages baby’s skills as they naturally play. Contrasting black and white details of the baby activity mat provides visual stimulation for the newborns.


Baby activity gym has adjustable arches that can be easily arranged in a variety of ways or removed, to enhance your baby’s developmental environment for the ultimate tummy time experience. Let your little one explore the shapes on the soft black and white book or marvel at their own reflection in the mirror while practising tummy time on this baby jungle gym.

Infant playmat has a spacious and cosy play area that lets babies stretch and experiment with movement and rollover. The baby playmat’s variety of textures, sounds and features provide ongoing auditory and tactile stimulation. Through interactive play with the musical hedgehog, playful plush cloud, wind chime badger and crinkly peek-a-boo tree, your baby can develop cognitive skills such as “cause ‘n effect” and object permanence.


Playmat for baby comes with a comprehensive developmental guide, which is included with your baby gym, and made sure every tiny detail encourages your newborn to explore and develop. Get the most out of your baby play gym with 36 pages of tips and play ideas.


STIMULATE BABY’S SENSES: The contrasting black & white design provides the perfect visual stimulation for young babies. Its various textures, sounds and features provide ongoing auditory and tactile stimulation.

COMPLIMENTS STYLISH HOME DESIGNS: Black & white fashion looks great with most home décor.

FEATURES 18 DEVELOPMENTAL ACTIVITIES AND INTERACTIVE TOYS: Develop gross and fine motor skills; visual, auditory and tactile senses; language, communication, cognition and EQ.

5 reviews for Infant Playmat Baby Jungle Gym Play Activity Mat

  1. sagarshaw243

    This is Tiny Love product #4 for us. Our little guy is in love with the mat! Badger is probably his favorite gymini little buddy. We can set him down to play on his own and he is as entertained as when we are there with him. He has reflux so an easy to clean mat was a must for us. Can’t wait to get our next Tiny Love product!

  2. sagarshaw243

    I really like everything about this except the items hang too low and hit baby in the face/head. I wish the arches were up higher. The good news is you can easily take them off and put smaller items on. The items are good for baby to play with by themselves.

  3. sagarshaw243

    1. I got this as a cyber Monday deal for my son and it is very nice and he loves it but it’s really hard to store away when I don’t want it out 24/7 you have to take it fully apart each time.
    This mat has become a staple at our house. My daughter (4 m/o) has reached several milestones on this mat – reaching for toys, hands to midline, rolling over, eye tracking. She LOVES the battery-powered bird at the top. As soon as we turn it on, she smiles and becomes fixated. The music is pleasant and not too loud. Batteries last for quite a while. It was easy to assemble, easy to clean. Soft and comfortable. I can shift the overarching bars and lay down with her. We are very happy with the purchase.

  4. sagarshaw243

    1. Absolutely love this mat!! It is exactly what I was wanting for our 2 month old (though I wish the pink version had been in stock when I purchased). The bird at the top plays music either consistently or by motion sensor and lights up- my little girl loves watching it and it makes her laugh. She also enjoys staring at herself in the mirror, which I have low on the pole so it can be propped on the floor to stay in one place. The deer can be pulled down and then retracts back up, which will be cool when she’s able to pull it on her own (currently still working on grabbing). The deers legs have been great for her practicing grabbing- they’re made out of rope with knots at the bottom. The mat has two flaps that crinkle and are a velvet material. They’re in the perfect spot for her to touch them while moving around. Love that most three of the five toys are soft. The mat is the perfect thickness… not too thin and not too soft for safety. Haven’t washed it yet, but it seems like it could easily be washed in the washer. Assembly was really easy. Just snap the poles into the buttons at each end. Not super great for storage, but I plan on keeping ours out for good until she no longer needs it and then I’ll just put a rubber band around the poles to hold the ends together like it was packaged for storage until our next baby. The only negative is I wish the bird’s motion sensor was more sensitive so it didn’t take as much effort for it to make noise/light up. Highly recommend this mat after spending days trying to decide which one to get!

  5. sagarshaw243

    I didn’t expect to be so thrilled with a play mat. We had play mats for my son when he was a baby and they were ok. The first one we bought for our daughter looked cute, but the quality was lacking and parts of it broke in less than 3 months. This one is a game changer. It is very well made and she absolutely loves it. She is engaged with all of the toys when on her back, and when she’s on her tummy she loves to look at the brightly colored pictures or at her face in the mirror. This seems to be great quality, and I love the ability to adjust the arches. We are very happy with this purchase.

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