Hydroponic Indoor Growing Room Tents Kits


Hydroponic Indoor Growing Room Tents Kits


Hydroponic Indoor Growing Room Tents Kits

Introducing our new grow tent. This grow tent is designed to grow your plants indoors. The indoor growing tent is a great way to grow your plants safely. This grow room is a handy piece of equipment that can turn any kind of indoor space into a garden for year-round gardening. The grow tent supplies plants suitable environment for seeding, growing, flowering and fruiting during winter and harsh environments.
Indoor grow tents can be moved easily from one place to another, you control the climate and lighting so you can grow any plant in any place safely and easily. Grow rooms are 100% lightproof and 100% water-resistant.
Hydroponic indoor grow tent kit is also tear-proof and has a full reflective mylar. Extra-thick canvas, double stitching provides a robust structure that is long-lasting. This gardening tent can also be used by beginners interested in this field
The hydroponic tent is easy and quick to assemble. Indoor grow tent kit is made of high-grade materials and fine workmanship hence it is durable and reliable to use
Size : 39.3″x39.3″x80″(100cmx100cmx200cm)
Colour: Black outside, silver inside.
Tent Exterior: Made of Black durable, weather-resistant heavy-duty oxford cloth, Completely Light-Tight, Waterproof And Air-Tight Material.
Tent Interior: 100% Highly reflective water-proof mylar and Aluminum Foil made inner lining aims at maximum use of light.
Non-Toxic To Environment, No Harm For Plant.
Package Contents:

1 x Grow Tent Kit

5 reviews for Hydroponic Indoor Growing Room Tents Kits

  1. sagarshaw243

    . I was unsure about this tent at first, but once it arrived, all doubt was removed. The material itself is well made. The stitching is near perfect all around. Frame is sturdy and currently holding 2 XXL reflectors with no issues at all.
    10/10 would order again.

  2. sagarshaw243

    Just recieved and set up without breaking a sweat. The instructions for my tent 32×32×63 were easy to read follow and understand the material is thick and light proof has 3 6 inch vent holes and 1 4 inch hole and a rectangle screened vent on the bottom viewing window on front zipper works good so far i will update once i get my grow going.
    *UPDATE* after getting going i noticed that there is pinhole light leaks outside at the seams. They are however very minor and small and hardly noticable still pitch dark when i go inside the tent and shut it. Changed from 5 star to 4 star.

  3. sagarshaw243

    This grow tent was super easy to put together no tools needed ! I love the 4 vent socks that can easily be plugged up when not in use to contain light. The silver lining inside the tent does a good job reflecting my grow light. It comes with 4 adjustable length straps to hang any light from the ceiling cross brackets. I love the mesh storage pockets to keep my extra straps and trimmer organized.

    The day I ordered this tent Amazon just happened to be offering a lightning deal 15% off. So far I’m very happy with this he tent. I’ll update if I have problems later on.

  4. sagarshaw243

    Very happy as per description easy assembly. I have attached photos for size reference, I am bad at gauging size in photos, hopefully these will help someone understand the size of this grow tent. The chair in the photo is a standard canvas fold-in chair.

  5. sagarshaw243

    . I’m a 72 YO woman, 5’6″ and 129 lbs and I assembled this 96″ x 48″ grow tent all by myself. The frame was easy. Pulling the tent over the frame was a challenge and would have been easier with another person helping. I stood on a sturdy step stool and pulled the top over the frame. The last bottom corner would not fit over the frame; but my large shoe horn did the trick, allowing the tent to slip over that last corner. There were no tears, no broken zippers, or other problems. I’m happy and ready to grow 15 medicine plants.

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