Automatic Battery Operated Handheld  Kitchenaid Electric Can Opener  


 Automatic Battery Operated Handheld  Kitchenaid Electric Can Opener  


 Automatic Battery Operated Handheld  Kitchenaid Electric Can Opener

 Introducing our new electric can opener. This electric can opener is designed to safely and easily remove lids from your cans with this smooth edge electric can opener, the new electric can opener that never leaves a sharp edge. The automatic can opener pops the top off and leaves perfectly smooth edges on the lid and the can. And after it’s open, the lid stays put. It won’t spill a drop until you pop the top!
Other can openers use blades to cut the lid, leaving razor-sharp edges. Our electric can opener, on the other hand, uses a steel roller driven by powerful gears to break that seal open without cutting into the lid. You’re left with edges that are incredibly smooth. It’s so effective you can even reuse lids to seal the can for leftovers! Hands-free can opener works on virtually any can, even odd-shaped cans, pop-top cans, and dented cans.

Simply place your can so it locks into place, then press the lever down. It will automatically stay down, making it hands-free! Then, when you’re ready to release your can, just pull the lever back into the up position. There’s no hard work, no more squeezing handles, no twisting your wrist. Our automatic can opener makes opening cans super-easy and mess-free!

Moreover, our KitchenAid electric can opener is  lightweight and very easy to use

Easy one-touch operation
Works on all types of cans
Steel roller breaks seal open without cutting the lid

Power Source: Electric
Energy Star: Compliant
EC Range:A+++ – D
Manufacturer Color: Black
Voltage: 120 V
Material: Plastic
Power:  1000 W
Item Height: 10 in
Item Weight: 3.2 lbs

5 reviews for  Automatic Battery Operated Handheld  Kitchenaid Electric Can Opener  

  1. sagarshaw243

    Like the appearance and sturdiness. Only used it twice today- seems ok so far.

  2. sagarshaw243

    Product was easy to use, and easy to clean. Product is sturdy, and was able to open cans of various sizes. I would highly recommend.

  3. sagarshaw243

    This can opener is easy to use. It was delivered quickly and looks very nice. It is a little noisy but not too loud. Great quality.

  4. sagarshaw243

    This is my second Pohl Schmitt product (the first was a bathroom scale). For the price, I honestly was not expecting much. I’ve had many more expensive electric can openers over the years. None have been even close to functioning as well as this can opener does. It is quiet. It is sturdy. And, above all else, it is easy to use! The knife sharpener on the back and the bottle opener on the front were nice additions. I would not hesitate to purchase from this brand in the future!

  5. sagarshaw243

    I was excited to try a new electric can opener. I had thrown out my old one because it didn’t work well, and I’ve been using a hand can opener since. The magnet works great even on heavy lids. There is also a bottle opener, This can opener works great and leaves a smooth surface on the can so you don’t have to worry about cutting your fingers. The motor is very quiet and so easy to operate. The cord hides in the back & the base is sturdy, 1 year warranty. I am looking forward to using this can opener for many years!

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