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Mosquito Vanquish™ The Number 1 Mosquito Killer in the World

$200.00 $119.99
Did you know that there are 4 ways to attract mosquitos? They usually appear when there is a significant amount of 

Solar Powered / Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

$89.97 $59.97
 This Solar Powered Mosquito Killer Lamp is your long-awaited solution to protecting yourself while your outdoors! Not only is it

Ultraviolet Mosquito Killer Lamp

$89.99 $59.99
SPECIAL OFFER: Buy more than 1 and get 10% off with this code: MOSQ10 Is Your House or Office Infested by

USB Photocatalyst Ultraviolet Mosquito Killer Lamp

$89.99 $59.99
Is Your House or Office Infested by Mosquitos?? Mosquitos are attracted to ultraviolet rays and carbon dioxide as it indicates

Wi-Fi Voice Activated Mosquito Killer

$90.00 $59.99
This Wi-Fi Voice Activated Mosquito Killer utilizes sophisticated technology to  eliminate mosquitoes, and is fully integrated with your smartphone. It connects straight to